Release Notes 06.02.21

    We’re happy to announce some new features added to Forefront and bug fixes!

    • Added a default call script sample
    • Fixed Follow up sequence shortcodes
    • Notes are only editable to the person who entered it
    • Ability to customize the default data shown for lead and Contact custom fields

    Default Call Script Sample

    Our customers spoke, and we listened! We took the liberty and created a default call script for new users, this is useful for REI newbies and veterans alike, this will not only provide you a ready to use Call script but a template or pattern that you can modify and use if you’d like to match your needs so you can get a running start with your CRM!

    (Note: Make sure to activate the form so you can use it)

    Follow up sequence (Short Codes)

    We’ve fixed the issue with follow up sequences where some short codes were not pulling the correct information like From_Name

    Notes (Limited the ability to edit)

    Notes are now only editable by the person who created it!

    Lead and Contact Information (Ability to customize the default data shown)

    We understand that whenever you look into a specific lead or contact there are specific pieces of information that you want to see immediately without the need to click a dropdown just to see them. With that in mind, we have created a function where you can make specific custom fields visible inside a contact or Lead!

    Lead Info Custom Fields

    Contact Custom Fields

    We hope you enjoy the new features. If you have any ideas on how to improve Forefront or find any bugs please email us at [email protected] And join us every other Wednesday at 10:00 CST for a Zoom Q&A session. The next session is on June 9th Here is the link: