Release Notes 05.04.21

    Welcome to our biggest release to date!

    New functionalities, New design and have officially re-branded to ForeFront!

    • A fully re-designed interface.
    • Call Scripts
    • Contacts
    • More focus on your communication with your Leads

    New design!

    In pursuit of improvement and innovation, our team has fully re-designed our CRM, to be more intuitive and allow you to focus more on the important stuff about your Leads.

    ForeFront Re-design

    Call Scripts!

    We understood the need of making our CRM the house for all your leads and the need to make it easier to move leads directly into the system without the need to fiddle around with tech stuff.

    We have added call scripts! This allows you to create a webform with a specified script that you can provide to your Cold Callers or Bird dogs as an example, all they have to do is access the link you provide, input the information in the necessary fields, press submit and the leads are in your CRM!

    Call Scripts


    Gone are the days where you can only see the contact information of your lead inside the lead itself! We have now created a dedicated section where you can see the contacts only and search for a contact as needed without being in the Pipeline!

    Contacts Section

    Lead Communication Focused!

    We wanted to make sure in Forefront that aside from staying on top of all your leads, we also wanted to make sure you stay on top of all your communication with them so we improved the Lead Modal to ensure easier communication and quicker visibility of all communications!

    We hope you enjoy the new features. If you have any ideas on how to improve Forefront or find any bugs please email us at [email protected] And join us every other Wednesday at 10:00 CST for a Zoom Q&A session. The next session is on May 12th Here is the link: