Release Notes 10.20.20

    You can now send one-off emails from the record with the option to “send now” or “send later”. Send later you will be able to choose a date and time you want the email to send out. Also, the one-off texts have the option to “send...

    Release Notes 9.29.20

    New buying and selling sections for fix and flip or wholesale specific analysises and offers. Contract and closing dates added for both sections. KPI stats page redesign with more KPIs, add a goal for each KPI, with either weekly or monthly views. Funnel added to dig...

    Release Notes 8.26.20

    The new Up Next page where you will have all your upcoming tasks, appointments, and orphaned recordsScheduled contacts and checklists are now Tasks for statuses, follow up sequences, and ones created in a record.New archive section Rented added to the pipelineWarning...

    Release Notes 6.23.20

    Comms page layout redesignScheduled contacts page redesignWebhook can create a record noteNew exit strategyPhone numbers now can be searched using any format

    Release Notes 6.9.20

    New pipeline filtersEdit scheduled contactsOne-off texts snippetsBug fixes

    Release Notes 5.21.20

    New subscription optionsUser management options added to deactivate/reactivate users

    Release Notes 5.6.20

    Mobile browser open record linkScheduled contacts types addedStatus due date optionDelete spam for CallRail numbers and webhooks records

    Release Notes 4.20.20

    Notifications content and link to the recordGoogle map with street view imageLand unit size can be either sq ft or acresBug fixes