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👉12 / 5 / 18👈
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Limited Launch on Dec 5, 2018 - Mark Your Calendar
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FlipPilot is NOT A CRM, in fact, there's nothing really like it on the market. FlipPilot is SO MUCH MORE than a software, it is the tool you need to effectively scale and grow your Real Estate Investing Business.

Have you been looking for (but can't find?):
→ a system that doesn't require 20 integrations to work?
→ a system with meaningful KPI's and data reporting?
→ a system with dashboards to give you an at a glance view of your business in real time?
→ a way to manage your team and tasks efficiently?
→ a system that can automate your follow up sequences to help streamline your processes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place.

FlipPilot is one of a kind, it might literally be the software you've been dreaming of. 

With everything under one platform (forget Podio, Call Rail, MailChimp and all of the other costly services you pay for and integrate monthly!), all of your data is in one place, allowing FlipPilot to create meaningful reports, KPI's and dashboards for you to use to help effectively manage your business. Paired with the task management and automation capabilities, you have a full business management platform at your fingertips.

Our Mission at FlipPilot is to help busy real estate investors achieve true freedom through training, software, and lead generation services. We intend to give every real estate investor the tools they need to work ON their business instead of IN their business...are you ready to take action?!

Anyway....watch the key feature videos below, and leave a comment at the bottom of the page - I'd love to know your thoughts. 🙂
FlipPilot Introduction Video
FlipPilot is made by investors for investors and our mission is to help investors achieve true freedom by working on their business instead of in their business.

FlipPilot is the software that gives investors a 30,000 ft. view of your business so you can manage it from anywhere and not stress about the day to day.
Property Data
FlipPilot *automatically* pulls in county data anytime you add a property or a lead to the system. Imagine how much time you could save not having to search for and compile property data yourself?!
Text & Email Templates
FlipPilot helps streamline your follow-ups with texting and email templates, create templates to deliver well thought out strategic follow up messaging for different situations, rather than rushed non-strategic messaging. The use of short codes and pre-populated messages allow you to have a jump start and customize according to your needs.
Follow-Up Sequences
Set up a series of texts, emails, and even tasks to follow up with sellers (automatically!). Keep track of all contact attempts with a seller and ensure that no lead is left behind or lost in the process!
Alerts & Permissions
FlipPilot is so much more than a CRM, it's a business management platform! This Key Feature video covers: Notifications, Appointment Notifications, Emails & Email Signatures, Permissions and Team Management.
Platform Stability
Stability is a huge part of the decision-making process for choosing the right software solution for your business. We know this from our own experience and we factored that into how we’ve developed FlipPilot. Contingency plans aren’t the first plan but they are an important part of the equation…watch to see how we’ve factored these situations into our development.
Property Pipeline
For most investors, your Property Pipeline is your revenue stream and ultimately a quick glance at the state of your business. Status updates and timers help pinpoint any problems and watch your properties move from Prospect all the way through Completed as you and your team move the deal along.
Repair Catalogs
FlipPilot’s Repair Catalogs help you get the best estimates for your business. Set up common repairs as Repair Groups so you can add them to your estimate with just one quick click. See how intuitive and easy the process is to use during a walk through with our fully mobile-friendly application and repair catalog functions.
Adding a Lead
Adding a lead to FlipPilot is simple and streamlined. Select different contact types like seller or investor based on the type of leads your business receives to easily navigate through your contacts. When adding new properties, FlipPilot automatically checks for potential duplicates in the system to avoid adding the same lead twice! 
FlipPilot handles the planning and scheduling of appointments so they are efficient as well as the automation of reminding the seller of the appointment and also reminding your acquisitions person or if that’s you, reminding yourself. See how the system utilizes shortcodes and automation to ensure your appointments are effecient and that everyone both the seller and your internal team are reminded before it's time to be there.
FlipPilot doesn't handle tasks and workflows like everyone else, it handles them better. So how FlipPilot is innovating the industry with the Tasks Key Feature video.
- Mark your calendar - 
👇 FlipPilot launches December 5, 2018 👇
Spots will be limited for the initial launch, with more dates to be announced. 
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