FlipPilot already integrates with many tools real estate investors all ready use and love!


    Call Rail

    Our CallRail integration allows you to pull in your phone numbers for use in making calls and texts from FlipPilot to sellers, listening to recordings of calls within FlipPilot, viewing call/text logs within FlipPilot, and attach Marketing Campaigns to those numbers so that any new calls/texts that create leads within FlipPilot will be classified as coming from that campaign!

    Yeah, this integration is everything!


    Google Calendar

    Integrate a Google Calendar so that any appointments created within FlipPilot will automatically added to it.  This way you or your acquisitions people don’t have to log in to FlipPilot to see their appointments!

    I wish I had that in the early 80’s.




    Integrating with your Gmail allows FlipPilot’s automated follow up sequences to send drip emails to sellers from your Gmail email address! 

    Yeah, I like it too!


    Google Drive

    Most investors already create folders for leads and deals within Google drive to manage their docs/images/videos for each one.  FlipPilot allows you to attach each folder to the record within FlipPilot.  This way you can still manage your media as well as the permissions and sharing options for that media through Drive but easily find it from within each record in FlipPilot!

    WARNING: This integration might scare people who are afraid of change. I mean, not afraid of change as you are still using Google Drive. 🙂



    "FlipPilot is ... moving out of the old list-style management of data into a much more user-friendly (and enjoyable) experience. Highly recommended!"

    – Don Chamberlin

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