LOVE your house flipping software!

FlipPilot is current in beta.  Find out more here

Danny Johnson


Our number one goal with FlipPilot was to build a powerful software system for house flippers/wholesalers that you actually enjoy using!  See what our customers think  :)

What do you want your business to look like?

Too many real estate investors are killing themselves trying to achieve some crazy level of investing that ends up with burnout and no time...the exact opposite of what we feel most of us set out to achieve when we got into this business.

Our vision at FlipPilot is 'Enjoy Life'.  Isn't that what we all want at the end of the day (not just at the end of our lives)

Life's too short to use funky, clunky Podio-based software. ;)

FlipPilot Vision - Enjoy Life

FlipPilot Company Vision

FlipPilot was built from our Core Values


How do you love what you do? You do work you enjoy.  It was important for us to build a system that will allow you to remember why you enjoy flipping houses and wholesaling so much.  

With it's drag-and-drop lead and deal pipeline, you'll love logging into FlipPilot and getting to work each day.   You won't find another system on the market that focuses so much on the usability of the product.  


FlipPilot is hands down the most simple platform for real estate investors.   You can literally sign up and start using it within minutes.  Forget about paid concierge on-boarding, you don't need it with FlipPilot!

​We've eliminated confusing workflows and endless settings pages.  We're not all about having a billion features you'll never use. FlipPilot focuses on what's most important, what's happening in your business right now.

Own It

No lead left behind!  This was one of the driving forces in our design of FlipPilot.  We wanted to make sure we eliminated any possibility of the ball being dropped for a lead or a deal.  

You'll love the simplicity of our automated follow up system. Build sequences to automatically follow up with emails and texts to leads that you're nurturing for as long as you want!


Have a whiteboard in your office with the deals you're currently working?  We thought so.  :)  FlipPilot was built with this in mind. The lead and deal pipeline allows you to see what properties are where in your workflow.  

We didn't stop there though.  We added color coding to each card so you know what needs attention in your business at a glance!

Current Features

  • Drag-n-Drop Pipeline 
  • Automated Follow Up Sequences
  • Marketing Campaign Tracking
  • CallRail Integration
  • Website Form Webhooks
  • Scheduled Contacts
  • Communications Log
  • KPI's Dashboard
  • Record Activity Log
  • Real-time updates for users
  • Custom Fields
  • Mobile Responsive
  • New Leads From Calls/Texts
  • New Leads From Form Submissions
  • Gmail Integration
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Google Drive Integration

Upcoming Features

Our customers are building FlipPilot with us.  The features we implement are based on your requests. We want to build your dream software with you.

Simple Pricing

Mike Newby

"Simple. Intuitive. Does exactly what I need it to without all the fluff.  Less clicking around allows me to keep focus where I need to - on my deals!  I'm no longer worried about losing track of leads and deals and I'm getting back more of my most precious commodity - time!"

Erik Olsen

Sign up now and start using immediately. No setup fees.  No need for concierge service.  

Love your house flipping software!

FlipPilot is current in beta.  Find out more here

FlipPilot is Currently in Beta

FlipPilot is currently in Beta.  This means there are to be expected some minor bugs and issues.  The system has been through thorough alpha testing and has been in beta testing for weeks already.  FlipPilot is stable and has been operating smoothly for dozens of house flipping companies.  

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