"FlipPilot is a game changer for my business."
- Don Costa, FlipTalk Podcast
Round One Is All Sold Out!
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The first round of available spots for FlipPilot sold out almost immediately. But, good news! We are opening more spots in the next few weeks.

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FlipPilot combines the 5 key components of a successful REI business 
into a single software.
Marketing is the front line of your business. Stop the guessing game, make data-driven decisions.
With FlipPilot there is no need for expensive monthly services like CallRail, Podio, MailChimp, etc., everything is built into one system to provide exceptional insights that haven't ever been available before.
If you're marketing, leads are coming in. Do you know where your leads are?
Follow up is key for real estate investors, being the first to speak to a potential motivated seller increases our chances of making a deal exponentially. Stay on top of your leads with FlipPilot's automation, dashboards and property pipeline.
Once you have a deal, now it's time to manage the project.
FlipPilot deal statuses allow you to follow your deals from a Lead all the way to a Completed project. If you're rehabbing, our mobile-friendly interface with tools like Repair Catalogs and Repair Groups, helps you estimate the cost of repairs quickly and accurately during the walk through. The property pipeline screen allows you to see the status of all properties.
The project is done, now you have to disposition the property.
Finalizing deals is an imporant final step in the REI process. Whether you are going to rent the property, list the property through a realtor, FSBO, or even wholesale, FlipPilot has tools to help you finalize the deal. Once a deal is in completed status, you can run reports to see which deal types have been the most lucrative for your business.
Whether it's you by yourself or a team of 10, someone is doing the work.
Hold yourself and all other members of your team accountable with task lists, reminders and dashboards to monitor activity. Whether it's you alone or you managing a team, accountability is key to your business' success and FlipPilot makes that easy to manage.
We're more than a CRM, FlipPilot is everything in one place for REI businesses
Everything in one software so all of your data is in one place. FlipPilot collects & reports on numbers that affect the bottom line of your business.
FlipPilot's Dashboards visualize the Data Insights so you can manage all aspects of your business with KPI dashboards that allow you to see everything at a glance.
County data is populated automatically when you enter a property address so you can focus on building rapport rather than gathering details with motivated sellers.
Automated Follow-Up Sequences
Never lose out on a potential deal because you or someone on your team forgot to follow up with automated follow up sequences.
Text & Email
Produce a consistent and clear message regardless of who on the team is working on it with text and email templates.
Repair Catalogs
Estimate repairs quickly and accurately with our repair catalogs. Even add SKU's and favorite products to streamline the supply list process.
Choose a plan that works for you
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  • 2 Users
  • 5 Phone Numbers
  • 150 Property Data API Calls
  • 500 Minutes
  • 500 Texts
  • Unlimited Emails
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See what people are saying about FlipPilot
"It's almost like FlipPilot knows what we want before we realized we wanted it." 

- Jason from Las Vegas
“I am totally blown away by what this software does, what it incorporates, how robust it is and still how simple it is for the user to walk through it and do what they need to do.” 

- Don Costa, Flip Talk Podcast
“After myself and my whole team saw the FlipPilot demo the other day, [my team] pretty much forced me to throw away a deposit on another system because they were so impressed with what FlipPilot has to offer.” 

- Darren S. from Colorado
"This software is going to change the game....specifically for our industry." 

- Tim D. from Ohio
"All the things we wish our current CRM would do, this is gonna do it for us." 

- Nate J. from Florida
“All the flaws and downfalls of Podio look like they are completely solved. And then on top of it, the system is so much better and so much more involved than what we have on Podio.”

- Alex from Las Vegas
Frequently Asked Questions
How long until I’m up and running in the new system (I don’t have days to be down)?
Typically a matter of a few hours. FlipPilot was built from the ground up specifically for real estate investors. If you have phone numbers to port over and workflows to build out, it will take a little more time....but nothing at all like what is required for Podio based systems.
**Note, porting phone numbers can take up to 7 days depending on current provider. Adding new numbers to avoid downtime is an option and our team can work with you to find the right solution.

Can I start using FlipPilot without assistance from Freedom Driven? 
Of course! The system is user-friendly and easy to use. We also have on-boarding videos available so that you can do it yourself if that’s what you prefer.

Will FlipPilot integrate with my current email provider? What email addresses can we send from? 
It's important for reporting and accurate data to keep all communications with sellers, buyers and all contacts within FlipPilot. If emails are sent through outside email providers, FlipPilot will not be able to capture those communications. For this reason, we are not integrating with outside email providers. Instead, we make it so that you can create company email addresses within FlipPilot very easily. 

Will FlipPilot integrate with Google Drive? (usually for pics/videos) 
Keeping true to the mission of everything in one place, all storage of images and links to videos are managed within your property information inside FlipPilot. This works well because all related images and videos are kept attached to the associated property. This also allows you to manage permissions on who has access to them.

Can I request customizations to fit my business model? 
FlipPilot's workflows are customizable so that you can create them to match your business model. We will also offer a paid service to help you build these workflows to work the way you want them to. 

I’m currently using LeadPropeller, will my web leads go straight into FlipPilot? 
Absolutely. You’ll be able to set it up so that web leads come directly in to FlipPilot. (same for other website providers)

Can I add individual users to my plan? 
Each plan comes with a set of users, if you require additional users you will need to go up to the next available plan, users can not be added a la cart.

What does Unlimited Emails mean on the plans? How many email addresses come with my plan? And how many emails can I send?
Each plan comes with unlimited email addresses for creation as well as unlimited automated and one-off email sends.
**email blasts are not included in FlipPilot 1.0 but will be added in the near future

How many contacts can I have in the system?
There is an unlimited number of contacts in FlipPilot, you can have as many as you want.
What is a property data API call?
The Property Data API Call is made every time a property is created to pull county information and when a user imports a set of comps on a property. So, every property you add uses an API Call to pull in the county data based on the address, additional API Calls can happen on the same property if you pull comps as part of your selling process. 

What if I go over on the monthly allotted Property Data API calls?
No problem! Each additional API call will charge your account $0.15

Will FlipPilot integrate with CallRail? 
No. FlipPilot replaces CallRail. We are not integrating with CallRail because we built our system on the same underlying system. Here are a few main reasons FlipPilot doesn't integrate with CallRail:

First, porting numbers from CallRail is easy. (Note, porting numbers can take up to 7 business days) Having the phone system inside FlipPilot, enables you to have all functionality and control over the communications instead of only having access to what CallRail provides in their API. This also prevents unnecessary delays in transferring calls and allows more control over recording. 

This also allows us the ability to provide incredible features in reporting within the system so you don’t have to go between CallRail and FlipPilot to determine which calls corresponded to which leads. The incredible incoming and missed call notifications make it all worthwhile. 

Having phone numbers in the system allows the system to know the last number the seller made contact with so your calls and texts can come from the same number. This is great in case they add your number to their phone and to avoid getting texts from multiple numbers and confusing them. 

FlipPilot also keeps track of who last contacted a seller. Any incoming texts sent by the seller will be automatically forwarded to the correct member of your team along with a link to the communications page for the seller contact. This ensures all communications are tracked in your FlipPilot account and you won’t receive texts from random people. You know exactly who it is that texted you and all the information you have for them and their property in your system.

I have existing phone numbers, can I use them in FlipPilot? 
Yes, porting numbers from another system (i.e. CallRail) is a simple process we will help walk you through when you set up your account. It can take up to 7 days to fully port numbers from your existing system into FlipPilot.

What if I need more phone numbers than my plan allows? 
You can add as many phone numbers as you want for $3/month/number

What if I go over on the monthly allotted Minutes & Text usage?
No problem! Each additional minute will charge your account $0.05 or each additional text will charge your account $0.02.
Round One Is All Sold Out!
👇👇 Enter your name and e-mail address below to be notified when we open seats back up. 👇👇
The first round of available spots for FlipPilot sold out almost immediately. But, good news! We are opening more spots in the next few weeks.

Enter your name and e-mail address to be notified when we open seats back up.
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