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    We didn’t cram FlipPilot full of features you’re never likely to use so that we can charge more for it. Instead, we chose to listen to our customers about what features they want next. 

    Help us build the ultimate real estate investor software system!


    Drag-n-Drop Deal Pipeline

    Enjoy our default deal pipeline or easily customize it to match your current workflow.  Specify which statuses your leads and deals enter as they are being worked and set specific dates/times and checklists to be added each step along the way!  This helps you to ensure the tasks you want done for each step are completed before the lead/deal proceeds to the next one.  How cool is that!!?

    Drag-n-drop it like its hot!


    Automated Follow Ups

    Not following up like you should be?  It’s too time consuming and new leads usually take priority.  BUT…some of the top investors Danny’s interviewed on the Flipping Junkie Podcast have said the generate 40% or more of their deals from follow up!  We need to follow up!

    FlipPilot’s automated follow up sequences allow you to create drip campaigns to automatically send texts and emails to sellers. These can even be personalized with their name, the address of the house they are selling, and more!!  Create as many sequences as you like and have them drip for as long as you want!

    For real though!



    CallRail Communication Log

    Always know exactly what’s been said over time to a seller so that you know where you are with the lead.  FlipPilot gives you communication logs for each lead.  This allows you to see the text messages, calls (including recordings), and emails that were sent to the seller in a convenient timeline! 

    Damn, son!

    Track Marketing Campaigns

    Quickly create campaigns and attach your CallRail phone numbers to them.  This allows FlipPilot to automagically track which leads and deals came from which campaigns! 

    Feeling spunky? Set this up for your website so that any leads that come in from your website forms will be correctly tracked to the right campaign as well.

    Get crazy! Easily add marketing costs per campaigns to get real-time stats on your cost per lead, deals, ROI, etc. for each campaign!

    Oh yes we did!



    New Leads Show Up In Real-Time

    FlipPilot automatically creates records and adds them to your pipeline as soon as you receive a new call, text, or website lead!

    This helps to ensure you are tracking any new potential lead that comes in the form a call (even if you miss the call), text, website submission.

    Make your investor friends jealous!


    Know Your Numbers

    Check out the stats page to get a quick understanding of how your business is doing this week.  Quickly see how you did this month, last month, this quarter, last quarter…you get the idea!   Trends people, see your business trends and adjust!  This is how you build and operate an efficient business.

    You know you like it! 


    But wait…there’s more!

    Here’s more equally amazing features you should know about.  They changed our lives…I’m just sayin’.



    Quickly import data from your existing CRM using our Import.  

    Export records so that you can use other tools to do mass texting or whatever you want!



    All Inbound/Outbound Comms

    Use our Comms page to see a timeline of all of the inbound and outbound communications across your entire account.  

    This helps you to ensure all contacts were addressed each day!



    Scheduled Contacts

    How often do you get a new lead and then have trouble getting ahold of them again?  Yeah. It happens. 

    Scheduled contacts allows you to quickly setup reminders to attempt another call/text/email at a given date and time so you don’t forget!


    View Records for Stats

    Want to know which 7 Leads the Stats page said you got this week? That’s easy with our Stats ‘View Record’ links.  Quickly see which records make up the counts!



    Use @ mentions in notes and in checklist items to notify a team member about an important note of task!



    Find yourself using a message over and over and sick of having to type it as a note or message?  We have you covered with snippets.  Simply create a snippet and reuse it as many times and on as many records as you like!

    "Have tried a couple of other CRM's and would choose Flip Pilot over all the competitors."

    – Jonathon Johanna Federwisch

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